Interview With Mohd Atasha, Digital Economist And Executive Producer Of Kat Loves La Series

Mohd Atasha started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 15 in internet based business. This self-taught webmaster has over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial space. He has helped world’s leading brands from Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000-listed companies to scale their businesses in the Region/Global from Malaysia.

Today he spends most of his time with tech startups and now he has taken the first step into film industry.

1. Why did you decided to get into film industry?

It is just happened that I am investing in film industry. I was attracted to the vision of Paget Kagy and Matthew  Umthe creator of Kat Loves LA, to help struggles Asian actors in the United States. The message of Kat Loves LA is very close to my heart, it is about perseverance… You may be facing almost unbearable challenges, but never ever you give up on your dreams. Tomorrow is always an opportunity to change.

2. As a philanthropist, what would be your main area of interest?

My interest has always been to unearth great talents mainly in entrepreneurial space. My hope, these entrepreneurs would make a positive difference and pay it forward.

3. What makes a great entrepreneur?

Passion, Patience, Perseverance and taking smart risks.

Passion in solving identified problems. Patience when you’re facing challenges, especially in annoying situations. Celebrate failures, it is ok to fail but not twice on the same thing. Perseverance is definitely a key. Lastly, you can be a risk taker, but just take enough risk to move your business forward. Don’t risk everything.

4. What makes south east asia is an appealing business environment to you?

Besides beautiful places, lot of delicious foods and the diversity of cultures. The region is a promising market for investments. For example, Fortune 500 listed companies has benefited from Malaysia as the top outsourcing location in South East Asia and number 3 in the world due to financial attractiveness, availability of talents, conducive business environment and strong government supports. Indonesia will be Asia’s next biggest market for E-Commerce and Singapore is at the top spot as maritime capital.

5. What makes your day exciting?

It is always exciting to work with amazing and talented startup founders around the region. Many of them in e-commerce, fintech, platform economy, internet of things, security and big data analytics.

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