YinThai – a kind spreader of southward spread culture

YinThai Southward Spread Culture and Communication Co., Ltd., established by Chinese in Thailand, now has attracted more than 10,000 Buddhist followers all over the world in a few years. YinThai always adheres to the spirit of authentically inheriting and developing the essence of Southern Buddhist culture with kindness as the orientation and moral cultivation as the goal, brings happiness and satisfaction to all faithful Buddhist followers with benevolence and kindheartedness, and received much recognition and support of people.

Now the brand culture of YinThai has been widely spread around the world. Taiyin has never stopped in practicing the spirit of saving and helping people with benevolence and kindheartedness. In order to allow more people to further understand and learn the essence of Southern Buddhist culture of Thailand, YinThai held a variety of cultural exchange activities over the past few years.

YinThai spread the essence of renowned ancient Siam Buddhist culture to everyone with the power of kindness, and let people really understand the meaning of Thailand Buddha and great love of benevolence. There are many charming places in Thailand, where fresh and delicious fruits and picturesque sea beach are available all the year round, and hospitable and kind people are all over there. This is a country of smile and a nation of good faith. YinThai wants to send invitation to friends all over the world here to welcome you to beautiful Thailand, and express gratitude to all Buddhist followers in the world for their support and trust to YinThai. May all your wishes come true, and live a happy life.

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