Picsia Clothing and More Nears 2000 Sales in Four Months

Sales for Italian Inspired Online Retailer Continue to Roll Out

The online retailer, Picsia Clothing and more, has announced they have sent out almost 2000 packages so far this year.  The Italian inspired maker of cool coffee mugs, womens graphic tees and many other items has experienced the record number of sales in just four months with no end in sight. 

“The progression of Picsia Clothing and more  has been the birthing of a dream which began years ago in Reggio Emilia, Italy,” commented Domenico Bianco, brand founder and owner.  “From there the dream evolved into Picsia.  I’m pleased and honored that customers are sharing in the excitement and are flocking to buy our wares.  Our goal and mission at heart is to stand out from the sea of similar websites and it is becoming more and more evident that…we are.  It’s a great feeling.”

Clothing, cool coffee mugs, some of the best yoga mats, womens graphic tee shirts, art, home goods and phone cases are among the many items that are available on the site. 

The online store features customized images and designs from one of the largest, well-known screen printing and sublimation companies with  facilities in the US, Canada and Europe and printing takes place in the US and Canada.  The order is prepared at the closest printer to the buyer and is shipped directly to the destination, cutting out a midway stop which saves time and money.

Picsia is focused on retailing quality merchandise that is also creative, artsy and unique.  The wares are diverse, from wall art to dog accessories and everything in between, the company services a wide variety of shoppers in many genres.  Clothing is a big seller at the shop.  Sizes can be found from infant to large size adults.

Although the range of products within the store is vast, they share a trendy Italian flare.  Numbers show the concept is being embraced by consumers as the sales continues to skyrocket.  The remainder of the year is projected be a continuation of sales and shipment.

Picsia Clothing and more states on their “About Us” section on their website that they strive to keep shipping costs low.  For that reason, shipping is only offered to the United States and Canada at present. 

Currently, the products, like cool coffee mugs, best yoga mats and womens graphic tees, are sold on the Picsia Clothing and more website and on their shop window on Amazon.

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Company Name: Picsia Clothing and more
Contact Person: Domenico Bianco
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Country: Italy