LJY Tech Inc Introduces Luggage Tags & Color Coding Labels for Suitcases & Luggage for their Easy Identification

The Luggage Tags and Color Coding Labels will help travelers to quickly identify their baggage at the airport or other crowded places.

For many travelers or passengers, it often becomes difficult to identify their suitcases or baggage at airports, railway stations and other places. All bags and suitcases look identical and one may fail to spot their luggage from a distance. To address this issue, LJY Tech Inc now comes up with tags and labels that will help identify the luggage easily.

LJY Tech Inc Introduces Luggage Tags & Color Coding Labels for Suitcases & Luggage for their Easy Identification

The company offers a pack of Luggage Tags that contain 8 pieces of uniquely designed tags. The front side of the tag has a unique geometric pattern, while the back portion has the information of the traveler. With their bright colors and distinctive patterns, one can easily spot the tag from a significant distance and avoid the chance of losing their baggage. With the help of a lanyard, the tag is easy to hang and can be used for children’s school bags as well. Made of the PVC material, these colorful tags are durable and are of practical use.

Besides tags, one can also use their Color Coding Labels to help identify their baggage. These are round dot stickers, available in 12 assorted colors. One can affix the label on their suitcase and can write their name on it, using a gel pen, a ball pen or a marker. One can also use these color coded stickers on books, CD covers and other items. Besides using them for identification, one can also use these labels as price tags. Available in multiple colors, these labels can simply draw everyone’s attention and can be affixed on important files and documents as well.

LJY Tech Inc designs a variety of simple products that have practical applications. They also have introduced resealable bags that can be used for keeping HDD and electronic devices safe. These antistatic bags are suitable for storing static-sensitive electronic items, such as hard disks, RAMs, I/O cards, processors etc.  With a zip lock design, the bag is re-sealable and reusable. One can easily see the item kept inside the semi-transparent bag.

To know more about the different products that LJY Tech supplies, one can visit their website www.ljydirect.com

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