Chula Vista Elementary School District Visual and Performing Arts Programs on the Rise

4 May, 2017 – The largest elementary school district in the state of California, Chula Vista Elementary School District, has created a culture of creativity and innovation in promoting Visual and Performing Arts Programs. While budget cuts caused many schools in California to put their musical programs on hold, CVESD has continued to strengthen its programs every year.

CVESD’s commitment to the arts was spurred as a result of its strong relationship with the San Diego Youth Symphony and Orchestra. This relationship was developed through the Community Opus project, where the San Diego symphony initially offered free after-school instrument instruction to 65 third graders in the district. These third graders met with their instructors twice a week, gaining skills in reading and playing music.

One of the CVESD students, Diego Garcia, remembers fondly his first day of music class. “The first time I held my instrument it was like the beginning of a miracle.”

As a result of the positive impact the Opus project had on the students, CVESD grew Community Opus and introduced in-school music instruction programs available to all 30,000 students.

CVESD has since been implementing a visual and performing arts strategic plan geared towards providing students with more opportunities to engage in the arts. CVESD boosted its visual and performing arts strategic plan by pledging a $15 million investment spread over three years, dedicated to arts instruction. These funds have allowed CVESD to hire a full-time Visual and Performing Arts instructors, as well as provide musical equipment to students, build new art facilities, and much more.

The California School Boards Association has since recognized CVESD for its efforts; the district was honored with the Golden Bell Award for Exemplary Programs in the arts.

“The trend of diminished arts in education has been a national trend and we’re very excited to see that Chula Vista Elementary School District is choosing to move away from that trend,” Dalouge Smith, President and CEO of San Diego Youth Symphony.

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