Smash Mob Debuts Rap Music Video feat. Boom Doggottie

HOLLYWOOD, CA – 4 May, 2017 – Music/video producers, Smash Mob, have dropped “Blue Collar Music,” a rap single/music video. The colorful video features rap freestyle extraordinaire artist Boom Doggottie.  Smash Mob is the teaming of veteran performer, songwriter, producer, award winning filmmaker/screenwriter, Frank Rogala (lead vocalist for EXUDE and NC-17) and performer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, Jason Eldridge.

Blue Collar Music is performed by Boom Doggottie in a fast paced video directed by Rogala.  Doggottie hails from Long Beach, CA.

“The theme of the song is something I haven’t seen in rap music before.  A black man (Boom) works hard, and talking about how he and all the other ‘blue colla hustla’s,’ who are out working hard, vastly outnumber criminals and gang members – yet they still face the same suspicion and scrutiny as the criminals do — from the folks who are supposed to protect us all,” says Rogala.

Jason Eldridge explains, “Frank and I had discussed that we’d like to find a rap artist to work with.  I originally encountered Boom Doggottie at a crowded party at a TAXI Road Rally convention for composers.  Boom was on the patio outside rapping freestyle. He continued to do  that for literally two hours straight.  It was a feat that I didn’t even know was possible.”

Producer Rogala runs down what happened next, “Boom was invited to hang out with our circle of composer’s, so we got to know him a little better and finally asked him to come into the studio.  That was another incredible experience. He literally wound himself up, and then just rapped for the next couple hour’s free style. He barely took a breath!  Making everything up on the spot and just killing it. It was exhausting and I was just watching.  Basically whatever is flowing in his subconscious just starts flying around the room.  Then it becomes Jason’s focus to take hours of Boom’s performance art and edit it into singles.”

Video director Rogala reveals, “At this point I’ve known him for several years but it wasn’t until I put the camera on Boom that I realized what a talented visual performer, not to mention dancer that he is.  Now with this video – everyone else can see for themselves.”

Blue Collar Music” by Smash Mob feat. Boom Doggottie is available online through outlets including Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Beats Music, etc.  The video for “Blue Collar Music” is available on Youtube.

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