Canton Fair Becomes a Channel for Airwheel smart ebikes to Expand Overseas Market

Market share plays a key role of every brand and it is the same with Airwheel. After all, it is a bigwig in intelligent electric travel tools and protective equipment field. This year, it is invited to take part in the well-known Canton Fair from April 15th to 19th. Canton Fair is an excellent channel for Airwheel to expand its overseas market.

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When it comes to Canton Fair, it is acquainted with many people. Truly, it is like a bridge to connect renowned manufacturers and overseas market. In other word, it has become an important channel for them to expand market so as to improve market share. Airwheel, the bigwig in intelligent electric travel tools and protective equipment field, absolutely will grasp such a hard-won chance to show its successful works to visitors from all over the world. It takes wearable equipment, like C6 motorcycle helmet and C8 smart racing helmet. It also brings several useful travel transports, like R3 and R5 electric bicycle, and S8MINI at booth 144, Hall 12.1.

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A great platform is only a small part to expand the overseas market. What plays a key role must be products themselves. After all, great products speak louder. Here will introduce the big wisdom in Airwheel products. C6 motorcycle helmet and C8 racing helmet belong to wearable equipment, which are used to protect riders’ safety during riding course. They are made from high-quality and light material, which realizes high impact resistance and comfortable wearing experience. Moreover, they carry many unbelievable functions, such as high shooting performance, one key to answer the phone and excellent music experience. That’s right! C6 and C8 made it.

Z8 colourful electric foldable scooter 

Travel tools are featured products of Airwheel, like R3 and R5 electric moped bikes, and S8MINI self-balancing electric scooter. Their functions are quite easy to be understood according to the names.

Z5 electric standing scooter 

R3 and R5 belong to electric bike. What make them outstanding are rich riding modes, including electricity-assisted mode, power-assistance mode and man-powered mode. People can select their loved mode to start the journey. As to S8MINI 2 wheel electric scooter, its magic must be self-balancing. It means that riders can control S8MINI via their body gravity. Above all great products will be popular among the whole world.

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