Project Republic News: A New, News Publication Committed To The Objective Truth

Project Republic News, a new, full-service news company and internet-based platform dedicated to reporting on news, politics, world updates, United States developments, and more, officially launched its free-to-read site 6-months ago for all Americans tired of the constant liberal bias in media publications.

Born from a passion for providing current, thought-provoking, and factual news headlines that provide readers with the objective and nonbiased news truth, Project Republic News is committed to providing the truth through insightful information that has been verified and expertly sourced.

“Americans’ distrust of the media is at a historic low today,” said Benjamin Dyck and Nick Leuschen, Founders and Owners of Project Republic News. “Thanks to technology and social media, we now know that major publications today have an agenda to skew the truth in favor of their political bias. With our new publication, our goal is to simply find the truth and report on the truth with no strings attached.”

Project Republic Today focuses primarily on politics, Congress and the constant flow of agendas, personalities, and power struggles that define daily life on Capitol Hill, and throughout government. Project Republic is not committed to chasing the “story of the day,” but rather reporting on the backstories that illuminate personalities, relationships, clashes, ideas, and political strategies playing out in the shadows of Washington.

“We share with readers everything we know instead of leaving it in our notebooks,” said Nick Leuschen. “We launched this site in 2016 to create a respectable intersection of politics and journalism – one that Americans can trust again. We’re serious about being a reliable news source, and we hope to increase our publication exposure every subsequent month of 2017.”

Project Republic Today is a for-profit, independent news outlet.

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