INS Global announces the launch of their new website for labor dispatch in China

The process is designed to help clients startup businesses in China with little efforts

Starting a business in China can be a herculean task. There is need to hire top-notch employees, administration, invoicing and set up branches across the country. INS Consulting announces the launch of their new website for labor dispatch in China. The labor dispatch process allows INS act as a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) and is, therefore, able to hire and employ an unlimited number of employees on a client’s behalf giving businesses the possibility to set up and develop their business activity in Greater China. INS’ offering helps new businesses set up in China, providing professional HR team, legal backup, accounting management, invoicing support and administrative structure.

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“People who want to start up a business in China need to go through a certain number of processes before they can be allowed to do business fully. This leads to high costs, delays, and disappointment, which can cause serious issues. We offer you a solution that removes the troubles of setting up management and administrative systems, payroll and HR management, and social security away from you, to ensure that your focus on growing and establishing your business in China,” said a Wei Hsu (CEO & Founder of INS Consulting)

The labor dispatch in China is guaranteed to be the most suitable and reliable option for setting up a business in China. It is fully packed with great features, with INS providing clients with work visa, payroll management, social security and medical insurance, office rental, tax compliance, expenses management, invoicing and headhunting. With this package from INS, clients can set up business in China without the need of setting up local structure, and it delivers the most cost effective way to enter the Chinese market. No capital requirement, less taxation, and there is guaranteed security, effectiveness, and transparency, without being limited by changing labor laws.

“The labor dispatch contract is the perfect arrangement we needed to start up our business in China. It takes away the hard situations and allows us spare time to deal with other problems. I am grateful to have discovered this on time, and I can tell you, our business in China is growing by the day. INS is a truly global and professional company with all the resources needed,” said Matthew G, a client.

However, INS Consulting doesn’t only help foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese market, but also provides other helpful solutions for enterprises lacking a local sctucture or an internal HR debarment.

In one hand, INS also assets foreign firms to grow their professional teams in the Mainland by providing recruitment and headhunting services.

On the other hand, they also enable companies without a local establishment to invoice their clients, shareholders or even pay to their suppliers in China.

About INS Global

INS Consulting is a China-based company with the mission to providing one-stop solution for businesses and local teams looking to bypass the difficulties and complexities of the Chinese market. They are equipped with the right resources to help clients start a business in China, and manage it until it grows and succeeds.

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