May 4, 2017 – New York, NY – Meet Treneé Zweigle, RN, CCRN, or as she is best known as “Nurse Treneé,” a Registered Nurse and the founder of Happy Smiles for Kids and the website
The website says it all: Nurse Treneé brings big smiles to children of all ages in hospitals and other medical settings with her dolls. They are also now available in dental offices, gift shops and on Hospital Buddy, Therapy Buddy, Travel Buddy and the sweet Sandman Doll. The dolls bring children comfort and ease anxiety while undergoing chemo, during other medical procedures and stressful situations.
She now offers dolls for many different occasions, including the well-known Hospital Buddy, Therapy Buddy, the Sandman Doll for younger children, and her newest creation, the Dental Buddy – which is taking dental offices and gift shops by storm! Her MILITARY BUDDY will be arriving soon at the same release time as her new book, “STANDING TALL,” a tribute to all military, which they deserve.
This book will also be available at 

Treneé recently talked with syndicated nationwide talk show host, Frank MacKay, on Breaking It Down about what inspired her to create her doll collection, and how they are bringing joy to kids in the United States and worldwide. The interview may be heard on Soundcloud, BlogTalkRadio, Itunes and on Frank’s website: Also, Treneé recently launched a Kickstarter campaign “HAPPY SMILES FOR KIDS” to expand her business so that she can bring more joy and smiles to kids, and DENTAL BUDDY can be found on her Indiegogo campaign. “I hope everyone will take a few minutes to view Trenee’s Kickstart campaign and make a donation to this GREAT visionary project,” said Frank.

The story of the evolution of the Dental Buddy is a particularly wonderful story. While Treneé was at her own dentist’s office (Dr. Pascal Nguyen in Aloha Oregon), she showed him the Hospital Buddy she had created. Dr. Nguyen suggested she make a Dental Buddy to remind kids to brush and floss, and the doll was born!

“Dr. Nguyen is a great dentist and he was my inspiration for the Dental Buddy. After our discussion, I went straight home and designed Dental Buddy, and also wrote a cute poem for the kids which is attached around the doll’s neck,” said Treneé. She went back the next day to show Dr. Nguyen the Dental Buddy and his office is the first location to make it available to young patients. He also inspired her to write the children’s book “DENTAL BUDDY” which is about “Adventures of Dental Buddy and his Friends.”

Treneé’s dream is to make Dental Buddies available in all dental offices in the United States. There are two websites where the Dental Buddy can be found, along with other sale items such as a mouse pad or the “Cool Kids Dental Kit.”

She advises people to check out her online stores at or check out her book about “Dental Buddy’s adventures with his friends” which can be found at and

The book reminds kids to brush, floss and SMILE. Both the Dental Buddy and book remind kids of the importance of good dental care to prevent decay, and great ways to make their dentist smile too by having GREAT check-ups!

All gift shops and dental offices may order DENTAL BUDDY Wholesale at along with other dolls.

Donations earmarked for hospitals can be made at:

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