Ken Hayashi is The Real Samurai Wizard & is Ready to Face The World

The living legend has broken his silence after 25 years & is ready to tell the truth behind Harry Potter’s success

4 May, 2017 – Ken Hayashi has broken his silence after 25 years and is now ready to tell the world who he really is. Based on the Instagram model and how Instagram raised money and then let Facebook purchase it, the magician and a real life wizard is now raising funds on GoFundMe. Ken Hayashi aka Samurai Wizard is looking for a $500,000 capital raise to develop a Private Placement Memorandum, to position to do a $50 million capital raise to bring the real story of the REAL Boy Wizard out onto the public market.

“I was an international world-famous teenage wizard that existed prior to Harry Potter character,” said Ken Hayashi while telling his story. “I had parents that were both of Witch and a Wizard and I graduated from the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood Hills, California,” he added. At the academy, he studied and performed magic as well as actual witchcraft and wizardry. Then by the time he was 17 years old, he had beaten the world’s greatest magician in history on the largest media platforms, David Copperfield.

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter is a $25 billion dollar media franchise and the largest media franchise in history. However, the Samurai Wizard will expose to the world that Harry Potter really did exist and he was the Samurai Wizard. He was not only recognized as the Greatest Teenage Magician in history, but he also had performances with over 180 backup dancers. Furthermore, Hayashi also had lead football team to national championships and won with flying colors and this is not all. He also had lead a cheerleading team to the national competition and again, he won.

The legendary Ken Hayashi also spoke at and was introduced at the iconic Emmy Awards. The living legend is also has an Off-Broadway play written about him. Moreover, Ghost in the Shell also made a cartoon anime adaptation of him. One of his daughters, Ashley Hayashi, who is only 15 year old, won the Karate World Championship title twice, is writing her father’s story in her book, “Ken Hayashi and the Magic Castle”. And his other daughter Natalie Hayashi, who is 12 years old is filming the documentary. Hayashi also has a YouTube channel where he has uploaded several videos on the same subject regarding his origins.

Hayashi is a true inspiration for the generations to come and he deserves more than just support. In order to help this living legend, please visit the GoFundMe page of Hayashi and support him using the following link:

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