Ashley Hayashi is Determined to Write a Book About Her Super-Dad

The 15 year old two times world champion in karate is now writing a biographical book about her dad

4 May, 2017 – The inspiring and young Ashley Hayashi, a 15 year old Black Belt and a two time World Karate Champion is writing a biography book about her father, Ken Hayashi. In order to share the real life story of her super-hero dad with the world, Ashley has announced that she will be seeking community support to raise funds for her book. She has already completed 16 chapters and 300 pages for the book and it will be the first book of a series that will have a total of three books.

“My story is just like Harry Potter’s whose parents were a wizard and a witch and it is not a coincidence.” Said Ashley Hayashi about her story. “My dad is my superhero and I want to share his story with the whole world so please help me raise funds to get it done for him.” she added. Ashley’s father, Ken Hayashi is a real life wizard and her grandmother is a practicing witch. She wants the whole world to find out about her dad’s success.

Just like Ashley, her little sister Natalie, who is only 12 is also working on a movie production. Ashley is determined to write a book, whereas Natalie will be making a movie. Both daughters are a blessing for the lucky Ken Hayashi, who is really proud of them both. His life has been full of hard work, dedication, unpredictable events and ultimate struggle and his daughters are committed to sharing that story with the world.

Ken Hayashi is a real wizard, but he never showed his powers to the world. His superpowers will now extend beyond his magic abilities, as his daughters share his story with everyone. Not only is his story inspiring, but will also motivate many of the young people to get courage and share their talents with the world around them. Young Ashley is really hopeful that she will be able to reach her goal on GoFundMe and that a lot of people, including children, parents and Harry Potter fans will support her through this campaign. She loves winning and the two time world champion is committed to win in this cause as well.

In order to make her dream come true, the adorable Ashley is doing a $500,000 fundraising via To help this 15 year old girl achieve her dreams to be a published author, please visit the link below:  

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