Purseat combines traveling comfort with safety in the first foldable car seat

4-in-1 product combines comfort and safety.

Dutch start-up, Purseat, is shaking up the child car seat market with its revolutionary 4-in-1 foldable product. For parents looking to eliminate the hassle of lugging around heavy car seats, Purseat is an innovative new car seat that is easy to travel with, complies with all safety regulations and is the size of a large purse or handbag.

Most parents are familiar with the pains of moving child seats in and out of cars. Conventional car seats take up too much space to store away quickly. They are often heavy and hard to handle which can also make them inconvenient for taking on trips. Parents need a car seat that is conveniently compact and can fulfil a multitude of purposes on family journeys. 

In its folded position Purseat looks like a hard-case bag which can be carried by hand or over the shoulder. When travelling, renting a car, taking a flight or a taxi, the Purseat can be transformed into four convenient positions to suit the needs and safety of the child.

The purse position:

• a fully reclinable travel bed
• a booster seat
• a car seat that is adjustable to fit children from approximately 3 to 12 years. 

In the folded position the product offers a handy storage space for a tablet, laptop, toys or snacks – keeping fragile items well protected. Fashion savvy parents are able to choose from four colours initially.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and the design was partially born from the personal frustrations of its creator David Li. As David explains:

“My wife was developing back pains from regularly transferring large, heavy car seats from one car to the other. When we were travelling with our children, there seemed to be no easy way to take the car seat with us, which meant we would have to rent an expensive and often filthy car seat locally. I was also running a parenting shop in Amsterdam where we would constantly get parents asking us for car seats that were easier to travel with.” 

The most important feature in designing the product was to make it convenient to handle without compromising safety. The product has been designed to comply with all safety regulations across Asia, Europe and North America.

The first Purseats will be available via Kickstarter on 8th May 2017, priced from EUR 212 to EUR 282. The product is adjustable for children from as young as 18 months to 7 years old for the travel bed position, and from approximately 3 to 12 years for the car seat functions, providing years of return on investment.

Through its crowd fund project the company will build its first customer base and fund the global launch of the product. The crowdfunding phase is planned to last for 60 days, with first products due to ship in Q3 of 2017. By Q1, 2018 the team plans to serve a global market through online retail and will also expand to physical retail locations throughout Europe, Asia, USA. 

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Company Name: PURSEAT
Country: Netherlands
Website: http://www.purseat.com/