Introducing Easiseat, An Elegant Wheelchair to Improve Daily Life

Coping with either disability or aging is not an easy task. Today a craftsman by the name of KT Chun hopes to make life a bit easier for these individuals with the Easiseat, a piece of modern furniture to improve daily life.

As people age or encounter disabilities within their lives, wheelchairs become an essential part of life. The mobility that they provide allows many people with disabilities to feel more independent and free. As a result, a well-made wheelchair can significantly improve the life of a person with impaired mobility. What’s more is that this is no niche market. In fact, the United States National Institute of Child Health and Human Development reports that well over two million people in the United States alone depend on a wheelchair to assist them in day-to-day tasks.(1)

The problem is that wheelchairs have simply not adapted over the years. It is unreasonable to think that a wheelchair cannot be comfortable, yet so many wheelchairs today are metallic constructions that offer little to no comfort or additional functionality. To help address this issue and other issues present in the traditional style of wheelchairs, an architect, and craftsman named KT Chun has developed the Easiseat, a beautiful piece of woodwork that functions as a modernized wheelchair.

The chair itself is made predominantly of wood, giving it a natural, yet modern aesthetic that goes far beyond a typical wheelchair. On the armrest is a detachable wireless remote for controlling the motion of the Easiseat. With the remote, users can easy move in eight directions, conduct for types of turns, and rotate the entire wheelchair, enabling anyone to easily navigate even the narrowest of corridors.

Beyond this design and mobility, there is one other core feature that makes the Easiseat stand out: a lifting mechanism. With the press of a button, small padded arms, which are normally not seen, can gently raise an Easiseat user. As the user is raised out of their seat, the bottom part of the seat folds into the sides of the seat, leaving a gap below the user and the floor.

Before this process, the Easiseat can be maneuvered over a toilet, allowing Easiseat users to use the toilet virtually independently. This practice saves nursing aids some work and wheelchair users a bit of awkwardness and embarrassment, bettering their lives. And for the severely disabled, all Easiseats come with an Easy belt, which allows the lifting mechanism to lift users without putting any force on the body.

To drive down the cost of Easiseats, KT Chun has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign, supporters can order an Easiseat for either themselves or a friend. With this support Chun hopes to make Easiseats available for everyone, making life just a bit better for as many people as he can.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page

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