Display Pictures Effectively and In Style With Finest Frames

For too long, picture frames have used the same old tired designs and suffered from common problems. Here to change this are Finest Frames, an innovative step forward in picture frames.

One of the best parts of taking a picture is displaying it somewhere in the house after the fact. Doing so allows for the picture to be seen more often, which is often followed by the return of fond memories attached to the picture in question. When preparing a picture for display, choosing an attractive picture frame is vital. If chosen, an ugly frame, or one that does not match the room’s decor, does succeed in bringing attention to the photo being displayed, however, the attention is negative and therefore not desirable.

In addition, many frames are bulky and awkward, making them prone to falling over or tilting; therefore functionality must also be considered when choosing the right picture frame. Sadly, many picture frame manufacturers just repeat the same tired, outdated designs that both limit the range of available styles and lack basic functions that improve the displaying process. However, there are some in the frame industry that want to see picture frames move forward, one example being Finest Frames, an innovative new take on picture frames.

Finest Frames is the next step in the evolution of picture frames, in which style and functionality are combined into one. Stylistically, Finest Frames are very sleek and modern, boasting a black matte finish and flush glass faceplate that isn’t seen in other picture frames. And on the materials side, each frame is crafted out of high quality, anodized aerospace aluminum, making them durable and lightweight.

These design factors combine to create a frame that both fits in any room and doesn’t pull attention away from the pieces main focus: the picture. However, the most exciting innovation within Finest Frames is in it’s stability features. For display on tables, Finest Frames use an angled base stand that not only holds the picture at the perfect viewing angle but also offers maximum stability. And for wall displays, Finest Frames include an innovative new self-leveling technology that makes sure the picture returns to the square position, even when violently tipped to one side.

With prototyping complete and final production ready to commence in the frames USA plant, only one roadblock remains for Finest Frames: funding. The very materials and technologies that make Finest Frames such a significant jump forward for picture frames create a great initial cost for manufacturing, so the Finest Frames team has turned to Kickstarter for help. With reader support, Finest Frames can receive the little monetary push necessary for production to start. This would allow these innovative picture frames to move on and reach the consumer, changing how pictures are displayed for the better.

For more information, visit the Finest Frames Kickstarter page.

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