Introducing MABBFIT, The Ultimate Versatile Fitness Tool

Fitness is a core part of leading a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. To help assist others in leading healthy lifestyles, Craig Taylor has produced MABBFIT, a high-end tool perfect for every fitness field from yoga to strength training.

In recent times, there has been a push throughout society for people to live healthier lifestyles. With a healthy diet and a fundamentally solid fitness routine, people around the world are beginning to enjoy the stress relief and balance that comes with leading a healthy lifestyle.

However, many people find themselves unable to find versatile exercises that are comfortable and effective to help them achieve their personal fitness goals. Here to remedy this issue and provide an efficient set of targeted exercises is Craig Taylor and his product: MABBFIT. The MABBFIT fitness tool helps to work every area of the body through a set of unique exercises perfect for everyone from muscle builders to yoga practicers thanks to its extreme versatility.

The product itself is composed of three main parts, each serving multiple functions. The MABBFIT set comes with a base that centers the device, two quick-slide gliding grips, and a three-in-one fitness mat that can act as a wrap and squatting vest. The two sliding grips fit into the base of the MABBFIT to provide two extra surfaces when they are not required.

When they are detached from the MABBFIT, the sliding grips are tethered to the base with resistance bands, allowing a variety of strength training exercises. This versatility allows the user to practice everything from comfortable push ups to resistance lunges to exercises so new and unique that they have not yet been named.

To help users navigate this breadth of exercises, the MABBFIT team is developing a mobile app that will serve as a catalog of sorts. In this app, users will be able to filter through exercises and find the most relevant ones they feel with. Sadly, producing an app as well as a high-end fitness product is not an easy task.

To remedy this issue, Craig Taylor, the creator of MABBFIT, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Readers who support the product will be rewarded with a full MABBFIT set including door attachments, resistance bands, and more. With this support, MABBFIT hopes to help people everywhere lead healthier lifestyles.


MABBFIT was imagined and created by Craig Taylor, a passionate recovering alcoholic who understands the value of a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to a proper fitness routine and a balanced state of mind, Craig has been sober for nearly seven years. Today Craig hopes to help others lead improved lifestyles through a fitness tool of his own.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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