Nadzeya Semianchuk to Produce Film Series Titled Blue Bag Follow Me

Today, it is easy to become disillusioned by the competitive business world. To help combat this trend, animator and filmmaker Nadzeya Semianchuk has produced an inspiring pilot episode of a film series she has dubbed Blue Bag Follow Me.

Often the world can appear bleak and uninteresting. People become caught in routines and never make any progress towards achieving their goals. They never take the catalyst-like step towards changing their life for the better; instead, they simply stagnate. All people really need to take this progressive step towards their dreams is a bit of inspiration and a push in the right direction.

Today Nadzeya Semianchuk is here to provide just that with her latest film series titled Blue Bag Follow Me. The film explores a variety of moral questions as it digs into the dreams and aspirations of everyday people from the point of view of an elegant girl known only as Girl From Space.

The film itself will fall into the genre of docu-fiction, a field of film that examines parts of society and the world in a way that emulates a documentary while incorporating aspects of fiction and occasionally fantasy. To add a bit of flavor to Blue Bag Follow Me, Nadzeya Semianchuk has brilliantly thrown in moments of action and comedy into the plot lines of the film. As for the premise and plot of the film, Blue Bag Follow Me revolves around the life of Girl From Space as she interviews a variety of real-life dreamers alongside a cast of original animated characters with eccentric names including Mister Someone Else and For What. By inspecting the dreams of real people as they interview with Girl From Space, Nadzeya hopes to inspire viewers to follow dreams of their own and progress through life.

In fact, the title of the film is derived from Nadzeya’s own experience as she left her small hometown to explore the world, touring Europe, Asia, and North America. All that she had with her was a small bag, similar to the blue bag featured in Blue Bag Follow Me. But to produce Blue Bag Follow Me in a high-quality style, Nadzeya Semianchuk needs money and time to perfect every shot, hire notable actors, and enhance the film series in post-production. To remedy this issue, she has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Those who support the campaign will receive anything from a postcard to a miniature pilot episode, to the full and final product. With this support, Nadzeya hopes to see her work help people everywhere achieve their dreams.

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