WiredexOffers a Leading High Quality Visual Merchandising Systems

Vic, AU – Wiredex is an Australian based steel fabrication company who has built their reputation offof their exceptional customer service over the last 60 years. The company began manufacturing display stands and other wire products in 1954.

At Wiredex they understand a company’s success is in direct correlation with shelving and how effectively they display a product. Shelving creates an atmosphere that can either repel or attract clientele. For example, supermarkets with outdated shelving can make it difficult for consumers to reach or view products. As a result, it repels the consumer away.

The company’s primary focus is shelving even though they offer other wire products and services.Their supermarket shelving is applicable to both small and big companies with the ability to adapt to the constantly changing requirements.

Whereas the gondola shelving is versatile to display a wide range of products and can be tailored to utilize existing sales floor space. Wiredex also offers shelving options for libraries as well as racking and shopfitting. In comparison to competitors, Wiredex custom tailors their shelving to match consumer’s needs at standard industry prices.

Wiredex’s expertise goes beyond shelving as the companyalso has experience with working with steel fabrication and metalworking. The company offers laser cutting as well as galvanization, robotic welding, powder coating and more. These techniques can be applied to individualized projects and all their shelving solutions.

The company has a workshop located in Melbourne where clientele are welcomed to carry out all their custom metal fabrication. The workshop is equipped with laser cutting and other tools making it Melbourne’s versatile steelwork centers.

Wiredex is a consumer’s destination for shelving and metal fabrication projects. When it comes to shelving the company has done extensive research and delivers their highest quality of work to not only showcase client’s products but boost their sales as well. Whereas they have also become Melbourne’s leading provider in areas such as welded mesh, laser cutting among other metal services.

Wiredex is seeking clientele who are ready to boost their sales with eye-catching displays and improve their brand awareness. They will work with clientele to tailor metalwork to their specific needs as well as use powder coat paint to extend the product’s surface longevity.

Consumers are encouraged to visit http://www.wiredex.com.au/ for a free quote on their next shelving or metalwork project!

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