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The market for Middleware Messaging and Open Source Streaming sector at $8.2 billion in 2016 is expected to be worth $11.5 billion by 2023.

Open source carves a place in mission critical messaging with flavors of MQ providing foundation for cloud and mobile.  The move to accelerate replacements for once and only once automated delivery process for the line of business is being achieved, built into new types of cloud data centers.    Streaming messaging is being used to implement stock ticker info,  og management, web site management, and data management inside cloud systems that stretch the boundaries of the enterprise. 

Messaging is used to reach to all parts of the data center and to user endpoints.  Marketing departments use messaging to target smartphones and tablets.   Messaging is fundamental to the ability to launch APIs anywhere.  Systems of engagement are dependent on implementing management decentralization and supporting user empowerment leveraging messaging.   Mission critical messaging forms the base for SOA, the base for IoT, for business intelligence (BI), and for analytics systems. 

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Not much new has come along in the middleware messaging broker market since MQ Series made its debut at the Chicago Merc Exchange many years ago.  Then the need to provide reliable messaging in a manner that worked was an industry breakthrough and IBM has ridden the wave ever since. 

Now, the new kid on the block is Kafka Streams API that is able to deal with scale in a manner that MQ cannot begin to approach.  Scale is everything in the era of Clos architecture of the data center and optical transceivers for inside the data center.  Data moves at the speed of light around the network inside the data center so scale is important. 

The charter of mission critical messaging has shifted from manually interconnected APIs using some software to install them to automated API process managed by orchestration.  While much of the manual process is left in place, it is fast being replaced in more modern companies. 

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This does not diminish the value of IBM WebSphere MQ, once and only once asynchronous processing is still a requirement for transaction processing, but these days there is a lot of data moving around the data center that is not transaction intensive.  Tibco pioneered the Rendezvous publish subscribe messaging suite that has been so successful in providing stock ticker information in a stream. 

Publish subscribe messaging models are not dependent on once and only once message delivery.  This stock data comes in a stream.  If one stock price gets dropped for some reason, it is simply displayed the next time it comes up.  

A financial transaction is not that way.  If it gets counted twice, or gets missed, this is not a good system, but much messaging can work in a publish subscribe mode where 100% accuracy is not an issue. 

Smart phones and tablets change the markets for IT systems implementation, increasing the need for mission critical decoupled messaging so that apps can interconnect automatically, bringing data to the desired compute node. 

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According to Susan Eustis, principal author of the study, “The communication of data is a demanding task.  There is trouble if a sent message does not get through or contra-wise if a message that is sent goes through twice.  When there is a person on one or both sides of the message sending, human intelligence is able to deal with the problem if the message does not get sent, or if it gets sent twice, but for a machine to machine communication, the anticipation of difficulty has to be built into the system.”

The market for Middleware Messaging and Open Source Streaming sector at $8.2 billion in 2016 is expected to be worth $11.5 billion by 2023.  Growth is based on implementation of streaming mobile smart phone network connectivity, tablet use for mobile computing, Internet apps, cloud computing, SOA, and business process management systems (BPM) that support collaboration.  SOA process API components support enterprise innovation and change.  Software forms the basis of change.  Software API streaming message development tools drive innovation.   Mission critical messaging is a key aspect of those aspects of web process making IT flexible and adaptable

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