Changing Times – Insight into the Gambian society and culture

“Changing Times” by Ulla Fels and Bakary Sidibe
Ulla Fels and Bakary Sidibe use the stories in “Changing Times” to help people understand the life of immigration from African countries.

More and more African refugees seek asylum in richer European countries. However, the people in these countries often do not understand the social background of African immigrants. This usually leads to misunderstandings and contempt towards immigrants. A little bit of knowledge makes all the difference. Bakary Sidibe’s stories about his life and his explanations about his Gambian society help us to feel more connected with the newcomers and to understand them as people with their own history and values.

Bakary Sidibe also shows us how the destabilising influence of the colonial rulers on the traditional social, economic and political structures of African societies still affects the life of the people today. Their young men with no employment and no perspectives at home are now seeking their fortunes in Europe.

People who live in an area that is popular with African immigrants will find the information in “Changing Times” by Ulla Fels and Bakary Sidibe very helpful if they would like to understand their new neighbours a bit better. Some common misunderstandings between native inhabitants and newcomers can easily be avoided when both sides seek to learn more about the other. While immigrants are often willing to learn, they regularly find that locals are not interested in their new neighbour’s culture and history. This book would like to tear down a few walls between different cultures and pave the way to a better understanding.

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