Stephen’s War – A tribute to 142 Squadron Royal Air Force

“Stephen’s War” by Stephen Pemberton
Stephen Pemberton’s “Stephen’s War” charts the early life, service training, overseas posting, operations and death of a fascinating man.

The aircraft of Stephen Fraser Smith, who was a member of 142 Squadron Royal Air Force, crashed in 1943. This tribute wants to make sure that this man is not just seen as another statistic, as just one other person who lost his life in the Second World War. His sacrifice was never officially recognized, so Stephen Pemberton, the nephew of Stephen Fraser Smith, decided to write a book to tell people about the life of his uncle who was was a sportsman and loved music, dramatics, and beautiful scenery.

The biography “Stephen’s War” by Stephen Pemberton shows Stephen Fraser Smith as a son, a brother, an uncle, nd as a young man from Yorkshire who volunteered to serve his country even though there was no guarantee for his safety. The book charts his early life, his service training, overseasposting, operations and his death. The account utilises many contemporary documents, contacts with the families of crew members, and research at The National Archives.

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