The Necronomicon Matrix – How to gain access to the Gods and Goddesses

“The Necronomicon Matrix” by Baphomet Giger
Baphomet Giger uses numerology to unlock some of the secrets of “The Necronomicon Matrix”.

Numerology is a method that is used to unlock the true nature of a date or a name – be it the name of a person, an object, or a place. Baphomet Giger found that some interesting information can be found when numerology is applied to the names contained within the Necronomicon – a fictional grimoire that was created by famous writer H.P. Lovecraft. Since it’s first appearance, this fictional grimoire has received an immense amount of attention and some even claim the mystical book does exist in reality and can provide people with access to the world of ancient gods and goddesses.

The reader learns more about the Necronomicon by reading “The Necronomicon Matrix” by Baphomet Giger. Information from a variety of sources has been used to put together this little, entertaining, and fascinating book. However, the reader does not only learn about the different entities that play an important role in the Necronomicon; they will also understand more about how numerology works and see how it can be applied to everything.

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