Acchain: catch new wealth by asset digitization tool

With Blockchain’s development, more and more people have started to take part in this new method of cooperation, it widely applies in everything, we can predict what will happen in the next 10 year through Blockchain’s mechanism.

However, we realized that for Blockchain to become the next new revolutionary technology, like internet or mobile internet, it needs a stable bridge — the tool for asset digitization. 

ACCHAIN is a global open source community, a decentralized asset digitization platform and tool, focusing on building a brand new concept and system for wealth accumulation and assets circulation to free assets from current restrictions.

As an open source chain, it is available for all businesses and industries to help them realize assets digitization, token circulation. Tokens can be used for transactions, payments, or exercising ownership rights of the underlying objects.

There are different types of tokens corresponding to different underlying objects, such as: Equity Token, Application Token and Commodity Token, Currently, ACCHAIN’s office website has just been launched, with the assets digitization tool being applied more and more in real life, we believe that an open, trustworthy, dependable Blockchain technology will be ready for the world in the near future.

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