Car Loans Bank announce new car loan options in Saskatoon

“Car Loans Bank has announced it will find finance options for 99% of those that apply within 24 hours, meaning car buyers in Saskatoon have received a boost from the company. Their finance options now include super-fast coverage, even for those with bad c”
Saskatoon car loan applicants can now benefit from competitive rates through Car Loans Bank, regardless of their credit history

The vehicle finance company aims to allow car buyers to purchase a vehicle and be able to drive it away within one day of applying for credit. The quick turnaround allows customers to take control through an easy to use application form online, which can be filled in within just two minutes. 

With more than ten years’ experience behind it, Car Loans Bank will offer Saskatoon car loans backed by its experience and expertise gained from operating in locations across Canada. 

Car Loans Bank also considers all applications regardless of the applicant’s credit score. It doesn’t matter if this is less than perfect, the finance broker has contacts in all sections of the car loan industry and is able to broker a deal with lenders that specialise in providing finance for this purpose. In fact, Car Loans Bank is able to provide a finance option to 99 percent of all those who apply, no matter what their credit circumstances are. This means car loans are now available for those in Saskatoon with bad credit

The company is particularly proud of its online application form, which it has taken great pains to ensure is the easiest to use in the industry. It’s also safe, using 128 BIT data encryption, keeping customers personal and highly confidential details secure. 

Because it has connections right across Canada and the necessary weight that comes from negotiating hundreds of thousands of applications for car finance, it is able to leverage fantastic deals and competitive rates. 

The application process takes just three steps. First customers select a type of vehicle. This is used by Car Loans Bank to identify dealers that might have that type of vehicle available, and advise the customer on possible monthly payments. If that is agreeable, and affordable for the buyer, they proceed to the next step, filling out the application. This requires some basic information including employment, address and contact information. Once this is done, applicants are matched to suitable certified dealers, who will confirm vehicle options. 

About Car Loans Bank

Toronto based Car Loans Bank, founded in 2007, covers areas across the country, including Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Yukon, Newfoundland, Labrador, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Manitoba, Quebec and Prince Edward Island.

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