This Year’s Branding Trends Include Authenticity, Simplicity

USA – No business can survive its competition without projecting a cohesive image, which would articulate its core beliefs, principles and objectives. Branding is the strategic development of corporate or individual identity, in an integrative manner, which ensures that the final product is a seamless combination of visual and written means of communications.

2017 is shaping up to be a dynamic year in the field of branding. Placing emphasis on their virtual presence, brands fight to establish a steady base of social media followers, and broaden their outreach by offering unique content through the various available social media platforms.

However, one of the most important aspects of branding is the creation of bespoke merchandise, which would bear a company’s logo, and make for useful addition to consumers’ daily lives. Such techniques make for a strategic branding staple, as they have long proven to be exceptionally efficient in promoting a business’s name and services in the most effective way possible.

Said Lightningbug Branding’s media representative “Practically any product can be branded: anything from pens, lighters, lanyards, jars, and much more. It is important that companies select the merchandise they choose to emblazon their logos on wisely, so as to avoid having them tossed by consumers who would consider them as “knick knacks”, or as added clutter to their homes.”

“Brands should be authentic, and remain on top of their game. The latest trend is differentiation through design innovation. Those that have caught up with this recent strategic shift are sure to stand out from their competitors,” were Lightningbug Branding’s media representative’s concluding statements.

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