Argentine Steak Houses: Most Popular Food Trend In WA State

USA – It is no coincidence that beef is among the top Argentine exports: cows graze in the vast expanses of las pampas – the virgin, fertile plains dominated by grassy prairie, which span across central Argentina. In contrast with American-raised cows, which are primarily corn-fed, Argentine cows are fed exclusively on a grass diet, void of any types of substitutes which would result in the direct degradation of their meats’ quality.

When asked to point out the main reason of Argentine steaks’ popularity, The Flat Iron Grill’s media representative was quick to note that “The meat’s tenderness, as well as its delightful taste is what makes Argentine steaks a great success among customers with sophisticated palates. Thanks to the great publicity surrounding their production, as well as the general praise they have received by food critics, Argentine steak is fast becoming a favorite among diners who want to try something a little bit different than the mostly uninspired dishes that are commonly offered in BBQ or steakhouse restaurants.”

Gaining traction in the Washington state restaurant scene, Argentine steak houses have quickly risen to prominence, gaining a dedicated clientele which does not only list them as their favorite dining spots, but one that also does not shy from  booking them for business functions and special events.

The Flat Iron Grill’s media representative pointed out which definitive traits make for a premiere Argentine steakhouse, which are meant to “serve as a guide for potential customers”, saying “Bife de chorizo, bife de Costilla, bife de lomo, cuadril, ojo de bife, tira de asado and vacío are the five, prime Argentine beef cuts. Any industry expert is well-versed in their cooking and preparation – that means seasoning the meat using nothing but salt, and cooking it strictly with coals. Steak cut terminology is important for professionals, but it must be made accessible to the average restaurant patron. Restaurateurs should be able to answer clients’ questions about the differences between each cut, as well as make recommendations according to diners’ specific requests.”

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