Airwheel New Smart Products Caused a Sensation at the 2017 Spring Canton Fair

As the senior provider of intelligent life solution, Airwheel attended the grand Canton Fair held from 15th to 19th April, 2017 with its products ranging from the intelligent electric scooters to smart wheelchairs and even to the auxiliary spare, smart helmets.

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As a bond of friendship and a bridge for trade, Canton Fair provides a good platform for foreign trade companies. Airwheel seizes the opportunity to exhibit its competitive products and shows the most cutting edge technology to people from all over the world. In the first three days, Airwheel exhibition hall 12.1, booth 144 was really a bustling. Crowds poured into Airwheel exhibition hall and rode each series of electric scooters, e bikes and battery powered chair. Staffs of Airwheel provided the professional guide and service for visitors with patience.

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For Airwheel products of the new generation

On the exhibition, most of the consumers showed their interest in the new products of Airwheel, especially the new face, electric-powered wheelchair, making the remote control and remote monitoring come true. Especially, it realizes one key to fold and unfold. That is folding automatically. Quite qualified for the intelligent household assistant and companion, Airwheel smart wheelchair fully demonstrates the strong strength and keen observation for changing the R&D and technology into commercialization.

electric aided-bicycle

For Airwheel products of previous generations

In last generation’s products of Airwheel, the S8, Z5 and M3 were also warmly welcomed. To a large extent, these electric scooters provide convenience in daily life for common people and solve their daily commuting demand in such a crowded environment. The frenzy given to Airwheel intelligent vehicles proves that it is time to alter the transporting opinion now. Certainly, the other new products are catching up. S8MINI reveals the previous design and alters the 10-inch tires into 8-inch tires and adopts the pneumatic tires instead of solid tires. Z8 electric scooter for adults becomes the tool and toy for kids.

electric-powered wheelchair

Also, there are portable electric bikes exhibited in the Canton Fair, E series and R series. Especially, the R series of electric aided-bicycle left a deep impression on others thanks to the three ride modes. Together with the C6/C8 cool motorcycle helmets, all of them can bring riders joy, smart experience and efficient life.

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