VIP Aviation Group launches New Jet Cards for Improved Aviation Experience

VIP Aviation Group is delighted to announce the launch of its new Jet Cards designed to ensure the delivery of improved and captivating aviation experience to its valued clients. VIP Aviation Group was established with the primary aim of delivering integrated and innovative aviation solutions, thereby taking care of both the big plans and the minute details and tailoring every aspect of air travel to the exact needs of its esteemed clients.

In the bid to achieve this laudable aim, VIP Aviation Group recruited the most talented and experienced professionals coupled with the acquisition of the most advanced and state of the art technology in the aviation industry. VIP Aviation Group has earned a standing reputation in the delivery of the most fascinating and exquisite aviation solutions to the satisfaction of its customers leading to customer positive reviews and referrals.

Mr. Peter Mitchell the Director of safety and innovation at VIP Aviation Group says, “We go beyond FAA and legal requirements when sourcing aircraft for clients. A vetting process imposes rigorous criteria on every aircraft and pilot, with our field team backing up information from the FAA, NTSB, Flight Safety, ICAO and EASA. We re-vet all aircraft and crew before every engagement, providing peace of mind to our clients and contributing to our zero incident history.”

Today, VIP Aviation Group has announced the launch of its Jet Cards developed to ensure improvement and advancement in the aviation experience of its valued clients. The VIP Aviation Group jet cards are specifically designed without any hidden extras; no surprise fees, no interchange fees, no empty leg or dead-head fees. The Jet Card’s transparent pricing offers clients the flexibility to customize their aviation needs; fly smarter and fly further with their choice of aircraft.

The VIP Aviation Group variety of Jet cards include the light jet cards, the medium jet cards and the long range jet cards with varying degrees of features to provide clients with different aviation choices. As a VIP Aviation Group Jet card Owner, clients can go where they want, when they want and schedule a flight to suit any of their aviation needs. The VIP Aviation Group Jet Cards give clients a whole lot of opportunity for business or leisure and wherever clients decide to go, the Jet Cards will get them there quickly, easily, and on their own terms.

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