AutoSoci – New Automated Software Helps Marketers getting, engaging and turning traffic into buying customer

It is a fact that online sales are exploding faster than ever before. Everyone is online clicking away and buying. Comes with it is the demand for attracting online customers. Based on that, Brett Ingram and Mo Latif have together created a new product called AutoSoci.

Currently, there are some big hurdles for marketers online. First, likes, tweets, pins or follows does not make sales. Second, finding, creating and posting content is time-consuming as well. Finally, constantly engaging and responding to every message, every second of the day is stressful. It takes period to do all of this manually with a steep learning curve and endless pitfalls not to mention without doing all of this, the attention span of visitors could be at its lowest and put marketers in the red for months.

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Such risks demand a new solution. A system that can automate the entire manual and tedious process that gets marketers paying customers instead of fans and followers and a smarter, faster and more powerful way to get the desired results hands-free. Further, a new method which can tap immediately into 320 million, highly addictive users on the mass scale just at the click of a button in endless categories worldwide.

Brett Ingram and Mo Latif named that solution AutoSoci – a brand new, revolutionary 100% automated sales machine giving people the power to leverage social media, grabs visitor’s attention, keep them engaged, so they will have better chance to turn into buying customers. Using AutoSoci, users can leverage any content in text, image, video, infographic, and gif format, getting four times the profits on complete autopilot.

AutoSoci is custom programmed to filter and rank the top trending images, videos, gifs, infographics, and text. It features the ability to grab any content from Twitter, Giphy, Facebook, and YouTube. It simplifies selecting and reporting the high engaging content which taking the headache away from creating, profiting and finding from viral content on multiple social media platforms. People can even add their personal content, add their links and send visitors to their products and service, online or offline.

With a Point-n-Click dashboard, AutoSoci software is easy to generate leads, sales, and commissions from the hottest trending viral content in 1 click. It can also schedule the campaigns hands-free for multiple products and services. AutoSoci will generate unlimited profiles so people can harness the power of free content online from social networks. The software adds powerful headlines, eye-catching images, and call to action descriptions in 1 click getting results from viral content, easy.

People can get powerful viral content that grabs visitors’ attention and delivers engaging content which visitors are interested in. Create instant sales generating posts in seconds by using images, trending viral videos, infographics, text and gifs. This sales machine will show visitors exactly what they are looking for in ALL formats, so you start generating clicks, high-quality leads and sales around the clock with an automatic function. In other words, visitors see products they want, and when they click and buy, the user will get the profit.

People can instantly leverage all four types of viral content, images, videos, gifs, texts and quotes to sell digital and physical products faster. This quadruples the exposure and response 4 times because it captures different sets of people who pay attention to various types of mediums. Its users can schedule posts to run at any time and in any country. With AutoSoci in use, people can grab content inside the software directly without resorting to 3rd party tools which make it brain-dead simple to get results.

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Using AutoSoci, people can amplify the reach by combining video, image, gif, infographic and text. AutoSoci is optimized and built for social sharing. Therefore, it can increase customers, and commissions with free viral traffic from the leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Giphy, youtube and automatically build backlinks for even more free traffic from Google search engine.

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