Introducing Jewell, a Modular Jewelry Set Made for Men

In recent times, many jewelry lines have begun to produce modular jewelry like charm bracelets to add a sense of uniqueness to pieces. Today Jewell is pioneering an undeveloped branch of jewelry: modular jewelry for men.

In the modern world, it can feel like everyone has the same outfits, the same car, and even the same jewelry. A selection of popular brands is so widespread that it is hard to not run into another person who wears the same set of clothes, drives the same car, or accessorizes with the same jewelry. To address this issue, some brands have spawned, sporting intricate charm bracelets and necklaces, and allowing wearers of their jewelry to have each of their pieces feel more personal and unique. Sadly, this now-typical style of stringing charms onto a bracelet has been marketed as a girl trend that is simply unsuitable for men. After recognizing this gap in the market, a Dane named Dan Kjærsgaard set out to revolutionize modular jewelry to fit the masculine aesthetic with an up-and-coming brand he has named Jewell.


To create Jewell, Dan rebuilt modular jewelry from the ground up and has produced something that is radically different from just charms resting on a chain. Instead, Jewell is truly modular, consisting of a socket, a centerpiece, and a bezel. The Jewell modular jewelry line includes a variety of sockets, which hold the rest of the jewelry, to form rings, bracelets, or necklaces. The centerpiece can be swapped out for a change of color or a change of material, with two different mineral glasses and an engraved stainless steel piece as options. Finally, the bezel is made of titanium to add the finishing touch to the piece of jewelry. Thanks to a variety of options and the fact that the wearer can disassemble and reassemble any piece of Jewell jewelry, each piece will feel more personal.

The reason the materials was selected was to fit the aviation-theme that encompasses the Jewell line as titanium, stainless steel, and glass were all vital parts of the planes around the time of the industrial revolutions. As an added benefit of using these materials, every piece of the Jewell set appears both masculine and simple, providing the perfect aesthetic. However, producing high-end modular jewelry is no easy task. To begin production, Dan has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign, readers can pre-order parts of the Jewell set at a discount and support the company. With this support, Jewell hopes to pay homage back to the industrial revolution while providing men with the perfect modular accessory.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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Company Name: Jewell
City: Kolding
Country: Denmark