Short URLs? 21st Century Moneymakers, Says IblyCo Url

UK – First, it was Twitter, then Instagram, now it’s everywhere: shortened links are the number one preference among social media users when it comes to sharing URLs with their followers. In addition to having been characterized as the “ultimate space saving tool” for character-limiting platforms such as Twitter, shortened URLs are deemed “the best way” to “earn money by sharing links”, according to URL Shortener, the new platform providing link shortening revenue services to social media users across the web.

“What we are seeing is the democratization of advertising. Consumers now have the right to actively participate in the marketing process, through assuming the role of being a marketer themselves – or an influencer, as this role has come to be known as,” said Ms. Elissa Stone, Ibly Co Url’s media representative.

She continued,  “No matter how large or small their following might be, through directing friends, loved ones, and even strangers to the online destinations where virtually all their favorite products and services can be found, users/budding influencers can generate money – and a lot of it – based on the number of clicks their shortened URLs receive.”

“It’s not a secret anymore that using shortened URLs can make for a steady income stream, even for someone who would self-identify as an average social media user. There have been numerous, recorded examples of people who rely solely on shortened URL links for income, and have managed to improve their quality of life, simply through link sharing” said Ms. Elissa Stone, concluding her statements.

Offering low minimum, monthly payouts; a fully-functional user dashboard boasting detailed features and statistics; as well as high rates for worldwide traffic, which essentially translate to potential income resulting from getting shortened URL hits from all around the globe, IblyCo Url is quickly becoming the fastest-growing URL-shortening service on the web.

Those wishing to use IblyCo Url services can do so by registering on the company’s website, at any time.

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