Paleo Diet Is A Way Of Life, Not A Fad, Say Naturopathy Experts

REDMOND, WA – Did Paleolithic humans know more about nutrition than their progeny living in the information-drenched era that is the 21st century? It appears so, as the Paleo diet, which is based on foods that were typically available to those living during the stone age, has quickly gained track among the health-conscious community, while its popularity has now intrigued a sizeable portion of the population characterized by their motivation to change their lifestyle in a way that would directly enhance their well-being and improve their health.

The Paleo diet has been incorporated into the practices of naturopathic medicine, as its principles align with naturopathy’s core philosophy, which is that of tapping into the powers of combining the healing abilities of nature, along with age-old wisdom and scientific evidence, to combat insidious system imbalances that are the main cause for the manifestation of health issues.

Naturopathic doctors experience, first-hand, the impact of the Paleolithic diet to his many patients attending and following the specialized programs offered by naturopathic practitioners.

Local Naturopaths are trusted advisors and medical providers to many in their community. Even well-respected people support naturopathic living including New York Times bestselling authors who are some of the greatest proponents of incorporating the Paleo diet as part of a wholesome, natural lifestyle.

Ms. Mary Smith, Aspire Natural Health’s media representative, summarized the practice’s philosophy, saying “Aspire Natural Health is an experienced and effective naturopathic medical practice providing customized solutions for people struggling to find answers.”

It is the people who are “struggling to find answers” that need to consider switching to the Paleo diet, as the deteriorating quality of the available food options – a direct result of the advent of agriculture, as per the Paleo doctrine – is often to blame for nebulous, hard-to-diagnose ailments.

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