Sleeping Hill launches Kickstarter Campaign of 4 Million Dollars to Reshape Farming & Preserve Extinct Animals

Ecological Farm in the Making for Self-Produced Bread, Herbs, Vegetables & Meat from Naturally Grown Extinct Animal Breeds

Sleeping Hill is a mega project undertaken by a Swiss family of 8, living Finland. The project is all about naturally grown food and meat from rare animal’s breed that are now nearly impossible to find. The family comprises of eight with six children and their parents, Edith and Michael Reinhard. The couple has been living in Finland for the past 5 years and have previously completed several smaller projects. In addition, the couple also runs a small farm of chicken and sheep.

Following are some of the salient features/goals of the Sleeping Hill project:

  • Purchase of 100+ acres of land

  • Construction of farm buildings and animal barns

  • Purchase of the Animals (40 Holland Chicken, 10 Orpington Ducks, 5 Mulefoot Hogs, 10 Jacob-American Sheep, 10 Arapawa Goats)

  • Preparation of Herb & Vegetable Garden

  • Construction of Production Facilities (Kitchen, Cold Storage, Bakery, Smokehouse, Storage Room, Smoke Room, Freezer)

  • Acquisition of 2 food trucks, Mobile Farm Shop, 2 Trailers, Catering, Equipment)

Sleeping Hill is a mega project with a goal to raise $4 Million through Kickstarter crowdfunding. The couple is determined to make this dream come to true. The fruits of this project will benefit everyone and this environmental friendly project will bring smiles to many faces.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at:  and it offers pledge levels from $150 to $2000 and more, with perks and rewards ranging from discount vouchers to a catering for 20 people. Michael and his wife are welcoming everyone to support them on Kickstarter.

About Sleeping Hill

Sleeping Hill will be a mega farm and healthy organic food facility in the Boulder area. The project is initiated by a Finland based couple who loves to farm and breed animals that are nearing extinction. They are currently seeking public support through Kickstarter and everyone is welcome to back them.

Media Contact
Company Name: Sleeping Hill
Contact Person: Michael Reinhard
Phone: 0409363131
Address:Kauppatie 4
City: Ruhtinansalmi
Country: Finland