World’s best Andalusian bloodlines available for breeding for the first time in the USA – limited bookings for 2017 season! – a small quality oriented farm owned by a Stanford Graduate with many USA references is now offering some of the best Spanish horses and warmbloods for sale. is established by Barbora, a Stanford graduate and entrepreneur with a passion for horses. As the owner of Yeguada D experiencing the horse industry in various countries, she presents her thoughts on the horse selling market. She is also a reiki master and believes that there is a lot of special connection between the horse and the human and this is what results in complete harmony and victorious results at top levels.

“It could be defined in many different ways, be it “heart” or “right match” or “x-factor” or “love” – it does not matter how we call it but we can clearly see it when watching the top dressage rides. It is either there or it is not. That hard to describe “energy” that brings tears to your eyes when you watch the ride, that something extra special that just really gets to you and touches your heart so much, you just never forget it. That is what to me is the difference between the very best and the rest”, says Barbora.

Barbora explains that while finding horses for interested buyers, she always asks many questions  and goes into much detail in order to determine whether the match could work. Although, many sales these days happen without the buyer ever even meeting the horse. She strives to find the best possible horse for the buyer considering all the essential factors. “If I have doubts, I cannot continue with the sale and many of the horse owners I work with these days, be it in the warmblood world or the Spanish horse world, think the same way”.

Most of these horses never even appear on the public market and they are treasured by their current owners and more number of people these days realize that a good sale is worth so much more than a fast one. Anyone interested in a warmblood dressage horse, a Spanish dressage horse or a PRE andalusian horse for breeding or pleasure and is seeking a horse that moves through the body with power from behind, can contact Barbora and visit her website for more information.


“LOTUS”. When you say this one name in Spain among the very best legendary breeders, they will all look at you with a dreamy look on their face… she was so special that she will always be a legend in Spain. Barbora talks about hearing stories of Lotus so often and detailed, that it still surprises her. This special mare passed away at the age of 26 years last year. She was one of the most impressive spanish mares of all times – 172 cm tall with adequate bone, perfect confirmation, beyond exceptional movement and out of this world producer – she could even pass it on, consistently. Many times champion in her years including SICAB, calificado, with most of her offspring also calificado and JRR titled, she was still impressive when Barbora met her at her age of 24 years. Her children represent the future in some of the best breeding programs in Spain. The most recent titles outside of Spain won by her daughters are for example Champion of Mexico 2016, Champion of Costa Rica 2017.

Yeguada D is very proud to be the home of Lotus’s son Dobres PLC and her very last daughter who is line bred to her and even though still young, she is going to be a carbon copy of her famous mom. These lines are a true treasure and very tough to find and very expensive to purchase if found. The value of these lines is not only the quality of the horses themselves but also the consistency in production. These lines are strong and so are able to pass on the best qualities every single time, something hard to find as all breeders know all too well.

Dobres PLC and his high-quality frozen semen is going to be available in May 2017 in the USA for the very first time. As we only sell (semen or horses) to approved homes, this is a special opportunity for the right buyers. On top of that, if you ever find a Dobres/Lotus offspring for sale, I can guarantee that it is going to be worth the purchase and this opportunity may never repeat itself again in the future. “The best is usually never offered publicly, few of ours are because we really work on selecting the right homes and that is the priority over anything else. But I never work in large numbers and I am not a dealer – I will only help you if you are looking for a horse for yourself and will give him the loving quality home he deserves”, Barbora adds. Her goal is to make both the horse and the buyer exceptionally happy for many years to come and that can only happen if the right people and the right horses are in the picture and if everything is done right and with the heart in the right place.

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