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HONOLULU, HI – 6 May, 2017 – If no one takes the time and initiative to tell them, then how will they know? And if they’re never given access to easy and digestible information, then how can they be properly equipped, armed and ready to face the world? Millions of adults today are still caught in the thicket of money woes and only wish that financial education was introduced to them early by parents, teachers, pastors, and even professors. When it comes to financial education (preparation and positioning), at what point or age should our children be exposed? Well, according to Prince Dykes, founder of Royal Financial Investment Group and creator of the Wesley Learns Series, the earlier the better and the mission is to make the learning process engaging, entertaining, relevant and fun.

Growing up, Mr. Dykes was unable to find resourceful information on how to invest, and therefore immersed himself in retirement accounts, funds, credit scores, trading and more. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Management followed by a Master’s in Business Administration, he became an Investment Advisor Representative and Securities Agent by North American Securities Administrators Association. Over the past 9 years, he developed a burning passion to invest into his own son, Wesley, by introducing him to the world of investing and smart money management. As a result, he released a kid-friendly brand that includes books, cartoons, internet platforms and apparel to create a culture of fun, enthusiastic learning and energetic empowerment.

In 2015, Prince released the first-ever children’s fiction book about investing, “Wesley Learns To Invest”, a super-simple introduction on investing and the stock market. The book garnered great success and audience acceptance. Prince will be officially signing his 2nd book, “Wesley Learns About Credit” on Saturday, June 3rd at 1:00pm at IHeart Media, 650 Iwilei Road #400 in Honolulu. This family event is for kids and parents. It will include fun, food, drinks, book summary, cool photo ops, workshop buzz and free giveaways. Open to the public. Parents, teachers, and children are welcome to come out, explore and learn how their kids can be involved in our financial educational awareness movement. We are also delighted to collaborate with the community and sponsors who connect with the vision and desire to make a real difference in the financial destinies of our young people NOW. Sponsorship packages are available, request at

About the Book:

When Wesley goes to his Uncle Rob’s house for summer break, he has no idea he’s going to learn about something entirely new. Uncle Rob has wanted a new car for a while. When he spots a great deal for one online, he takes Wesley to the dealership with him to check it out. Unfortunately, there is a problem with Uncle Rob’s credit, and the deal can’t be made. Uncle Rob sadly leaves without the car, and this leaves Wesley confused and perplexed about just what credit is. As he learns the ins and outs of credit, Wesley comes up with a brilliant idea to help Uncle Rob. Follow Wesley as he learns the lessons of what it means to have, maintain, and restore credit. This children’s story shows how one little boy learns about credit, offering a kid-friendly introduction into the world of credit and finance.

Wesley Learns About Credit” can be found online (hardcover, paperback, eBook and audiobook) on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobles, and more.

About The Author:

Prince Dykes is the host of The Investor Show, Award-Winning Author, Investment Advisor and International Speaker, who has been featured on iHeart Radio, Fortune, The Huff Post and He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Masters in Business Administration. Mr. Dykes then became an Investment Advisor Representative and a Securities Agent by North American Securities Administrators Association. In addition to his work with Royal Financial Investment Group, Prince Dykes proudly serves his country as a serviceman on active duty. He is a Georgia native, and the youngest of four boys. When he’s not working, Dykes enjoys spending time with his family and listening to music.

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