Potomac, MD – May 6, 2017 – Lt. Col. Scott R. Weaver is promoting the release of his new book and is currently raising funds for getting it out to the public. His new book is entitled the Pilots of Thunderbird Field and is all about one of the most important stories in the world of military aviation.

The book is about three generations of aviation in his family. It delves into interesting stories of aviation in Phoenix during World War II where many pilots went out and trained. The Thunderbird Field in Phoenix was a key place where many pilots from the United States, Great Britain, Canada and even China and Argentina trained.

As the war started to build up, Thunderbird Field became a critical training ground for pilots. It eventually became the first civilian training center for aviation. This helped with improving upon how well different pilots were trained and made it easier for them to get out into combat as they had the skills that they required in order to successfully fight in the war.

The amazing stories that Weaver writes are appealing and fascinating to all. Weaver especially uses his own military experience to get into the minds of those who fought during the Great War. Weaver himself is a former aviation instructor who has more than 2,600 hours of flight and instruction time. He has flown in missions over Iraq.

Weaver was a T38A instructor at the Vance AFB in Oklahoma and later flew as a F16C fighter pilot at Hahn Air Base in West Germany and also the DC ANG at Andrews AFB in Maryland.

Weaver flew in two combat tours in Iraq and was a USAF Flight Safety and Accident Investigator before retiring in 2004.

Also, in 1999 he started the LB Aero consulting firm and trained fighters in the British Bulldog jet while also working with corporate and general aviation sales.

Weaver continues to be active in aviation to this day. He currently works with 777-200 pilot for American Airlines and volunteers to fly medical patients in a Cirrus 22.

When not active in aviation, Scott enjoys baseball and supports club teams in the UK and Argentina. He also enjoys golfing and being with his wife, his two adult children and his ten-year-old daughter.

The book release is expected to be big while a fundraiser is being promoted in conjunction with the new book. It is also being promoted to museums that are interested in offering books to people about the amazing aviation history of the United States.

There are only a few days left in the fundraising effort. The book is currently available on Amazon Kindle for only 99 cents. The efforts in selling the book online will go towards helping to get more museums and other places of historical interest to pick up the book.

Those interested in learning more about Lt. Col. Scott R. Weaver, his background and his interest in this great story can visit the official website for his book at

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