Cablexa Ltd Introduces High Performance CX4 Cable for a Seamless Connectivity of Server, Switches & Storage Modules

For short distance connectivity of Server, Switches & Storage units, the CX4 Cable offered by Cablexa Ltd offers a seamless and affordable solution. Besides, they also supply Mini-SAS Cable and SFP+ AOC for networking purposes.

The search for a reliable cabling solution to connect servers, switches and storage units ends here with the high performance and fast cabling products introduced by Cablexa Ltd. These cables ensure a seamless connectivity over a short distance and allow a fast and reliable data transfer.

According to the company spokesperson, they have the CX4 Cable that meets the IEEE specification, which is required for 10 Gigabit coaxial cables. The cable is ideal for connecting servers, switches and storage units over a short distance of around 15 meters. With the Infiniband 4X connector, it can maximize the signal strength and can support a fast data transfer at a speed of 10 gigabits per second. Using low cost cables and equipments, it can provide high speed connectivity for shorter distances.


The company also supplies the Mini-SAS Cable that can be used for the performance optimization of the SAS drive and the storage. With the universal keyed 26-pin, the cable can easily release connectors and can be utilized for connecting with all types of ports. Compatible with mini SAS ports, the cable offers a convenient routing option and also maintains an improved airflow.  Tested for 100% functionality, the cable is perfect to be used in the data center and ensure an outstanding network performance.

Cablexa Ltd also specializes in producing the SFP+ AOC cablethat is a direct-attach fiber assembly for short distance connections. This offers a cost-effective way to connect with racks in a data center. The cable can also be used to connect across adjacent racks. With a well-acceptable electrical interface, the cable is hot pluggable to quickly set up a connection. The cable features a complete metal housing to ensure a superior EMI performance. The RoHS compliant and lead free cable is ideal for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel Applications, computing clusters, servers, switches and other applications.

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