The Personal transport Airwheel Stars in Canton Fair 2017

Last year, Airwheel attended Canton Fair with a great success. The exhibition of Airwheel fared well. The fame of Airwheel gained further. What’s more, Airwheel allured more partners and distributors. This time, it also hopes to attract more distributors and garner more support with the help of the new products. These new products are tipped for success.

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Airwheel attended the Canton Fair, in an attempt to enhance its global invisibility in 144, Hall 12.1. Each year numerous visitors and exhibitors attend this festival trade fair. Some of them aim to seek for suppliers and search for new co-operative project, whereas some do their best to exhibit their new products to enlarge their market channel. Recently Airwheel pushed out a series of new products and it is optimistic about the newly released products, like the Airwheel power wheelchair and C6 and C8 and electric moped bike.

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To keep itself ahead of time, Airwheel strived to push out its first model of wheelchair, with the features of the one-key to fold and remote control and monitor. These days, the artificial intelligence predominated the current market for electronics. Airwheel battery powered chair is developed to that direction in order to make users’ life more convenient. Airwheel released C6 and C8 smart helmets. Based on the function of protection, Airwheel C6 and C8 serve to play music. The rider also takes photos via them. The built-in Bluetooth even realises the hands-off answering the call.

Airwheel citizen e-bike

Indeed, Airwheel R series, R3 and R5 are the stars in the Canton Fair. Their multiple ride modes make visitors surprised. Under the man-powered riding mode, Airwheel citizen e-bike lets riders enjoy the pleasure of pedalling the bike along merely by their own efforts, which is also a good way to take exercises. The sensing power-assisted mode is a brand new riding mode. Assisted by electric power and having 0-11 gears for option, riders can adjust the power sent to the bike according to their own needs, saving the pedalling efforts while enjoy cycling. Lastly, the electricity-assisted mode gives riders an efficient and effortless riding experience.

Airwheel battery powered chair

The new products are accurately consistent with the theme of Canton Fair. Airwheel made a big splash in the Canton Fair.

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