Silvia Li, The Young Social Media Storyteller Rethinking American High Schools (Viral)

Over the past several years, Silvia Li Sam has been on a mission. She has completed over 17 years of schooling and she knows something isn’t right with our education system. By any standard measure of success, Li Sam was an exceptional student. The typical good grades, extracurricular activities, and 2400 SAT score, but under the surface, she still felt something was missing.

Most of her learning over those 17 years came from experiences outside the classroom. For example, her trips to underrepresented communities in Los Angeles county, where she created solutions to low income patients with diabetes. By founding one of the largest design communities in Los Angeles, Li Sam knew that she could use her design skills into real life problems. It was experiences like these that helped her land her next 2 jobs and drove a passion to solving the education problem.

Since graduating from the University of Southern California in 2016, Li Sam has made a name for herself in the marketing community, running marketing campaigns that have organically reached millions of people. She successfully built editorial teams and grown audiences for a number of companies  She credits the experiences spending time in underrepresented communities and growing her design community for teaching her the storytelling skills necessary. “Marketing is about empathy. The stories are what drive everything. If you don’t tell a compelling story, no matter how much money you throw at it, you won’t get eyeballs. The best way to learn empathy is by going out into the community and just doing it,” Li Sam explained.

Li Sam believes that marketing can be used as a force for good, not just for profit. She has been exploring ways to use marketing to spread causes for social impact, especially around education.

That is why Li Sam joined the XQ Institute in early April this year, merging her skills as a content marketer with her passion for education. The XQ Institute is a national nonprofit committed to building a community-led movement to rethink high schools. The Institute’s board of directors is chaired by Laurene Powell Jobs, President of Emerson Collective. The CEO is Russlynn Ali, former Assistant Secretary of Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education and is Managing Director of Education for Emerson Collective.

The XQ Institute is currently doing a bus tour in the midwest area. The initiative, called the XQ Super School Bus, is a way promote their mission of re-imagining the structure of high school. They will be bringing their interactive bus to different locations around the nation. Follow the XQ Institute on Twitter at @XQAmerica to get the latest update.

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