Goldbay Construction Means Renovation at Its Finest

If you’re from Vancouver and you like to have your home renovated, you need not worry since there’s Goldbay Construction, a leader when it comes to home renovations in the Port Moody and Coquitlam areas and the Lower Mainland. Our history of great results brings about a high sense of confidence starting from the first instance up to the final stage of a project.

Complete from Start-to-Finish Construction


The company has been in business for three decades now and that’s why we can guarantee you our full range of services. While we build or renovate homes based on stock plans or on some custom designs we take care of all the trades involved from roofing, plumbing, electrical work, concrete work, and others.

Goldbay can also handle larger construction projects such as condominium complex or a strip mall. We serve as the general contractor while our crew and staff handle the finer details of the job. A long established network of experienced professionals when it comes to sub trades enables Goldbay Construction to handle project management for a huge variety of construction projects.

Consultation for Designs

The company is popular for its meticulous design and also that keen sense of visualizing ideas that lead to the complete and successful renovation of your home. You can rest assured that every aspect of the renovation project is thoroughly discussed with you and the entire planning involves you as the owner; it doesn’t matter whether it is for kitchen renovations or custom bath tubs that you like to be worked on. If you happen to have an architect and designer in mind, the company would be happy to work in tandem with you. We can also recommend someone you can trust when you’re in need of professional designer to work with you.

On Kitchen Renovations

Most homeowners would like to have new kitchen every few years of decades. It’s because this place is where you like to entertain guests especially when you know how to cook. This service is the expertise of Goldbay Construction. The company has been able to handle different cases of renovation projects from older kitchen windows that want to have more natural light to cases of kitchens that have forced-air heating.

One option to think about when renovating the kitchen is to have radian floor heating. This can be installed underneath a variety of floor coverings. When it comes to kitchen designs, we can handle kitchen cabinets upgrade in terms of design and functionality or changing the kitchen countertops. When you have a tight budget for a renovation for instance you can do away with changing the cabinet doors and facings.

Indeed, due to the extensive experience of Goldbay Construction in kitchen renovation, the company can guarantee you several things:

  • Improving your kitchen’s functionality
  • Choosing the right materials and finishes
  • Achieving the layout and design that’s just right for you
  • Designing unique and highly functional storage options

If you have any more questions and inquiries about the company’s services, you can find out more about their exceptional services through their site found on this link:

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