Large Power of China Commended by Clients in Industrial Sector

Cite High-Quality Custom Energy Storage Battery

China – 8th May, 2017 – Dongguan Large Electronics Company, maker of Large Power custom, industrial, specialty, and storage batteries mainly for B2B users, have been acclaimed by clients for its reliable and long-lasting Lithium battery

This high-performance energy battery has been designed for multiple industry applications in accordance with international standards. 

Large Power has a state of the art testing facility to make sure its wide array of energy storage battery pack passes through rigid and detailed quality control procedures. Its test center is made up of safety, photovoltaic environmental laboratories where experienced and certified engineers conduct examination and certification of raw materials, accessories and battery modules. 

Dongguan Large Electronics does not stop in innovation such as the development of core technologies particularly for Lithium-Ion batteries such as the 18650 battery pack. The company has been manufacturing battery products for energy storage, industrial field, consumer electronics, and military establishment for the last 15 years. Applications include electricity, medicine, communications, electric power tools, digital devices, and many others. Product solutions are based on customer requirements and requests. 

Large Power reminds end-users of any Lithium battery to keep it in a dry storage area where temperature is normal. They must not place the battery under direct sunlight or expose it to excessive heat, rains or too much humidity that will affect battery life. 

Meanwhile, the energy battery solution is meant for household, commercial, energy, and industrial storage systems. It consists of essential electronic aspects that include balancing function along with over-current, over-voltage, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection. Among the top global battery brands that Large Power uses are Samsung, Sanyo, Panasonic, LG, and leading Chinese trademarks. 

Some of Large Power’s storage battery products are the 24-volt, 36-volt, and 48-volt Lithium-Ion batteries. The Lithium battery is far more durable and dependable compared to the lead acid battery. The latter has low-energy density, heavy, non-eco-friendly features, and inefficient rate of discharge. On the contrary Lithium-Ion is characterized by high specific energy; longer life cycle; consistent high-voltage capacity; high safety; and; lightweight feature. 

The Lithium battery pack has replaced the lead-acid version as major industry tool. Large Power has special batteries like the Lithium Titanate. This particular product depends on sophisticated Ion battery technology. This was done in collaboration with Tsinghua University, South China University of Technology, Central South University, and National Quality Inspection Center of Chemical Power. However, it was Large Power that introduced its exclusive technology which governs the customization of Lithium Ion batteries. 

Large Power continues to expand its collaboration with customers and partners globally for the development of the best energy battery products for consumers.

About the Company

Dongguan Large Electronics Company, which started its operations in 2002, is located at Gosun Science Park, Nanchang District in Dongguan City (Guangdong Province) China. It is known as a new technology enterprise that combines intensive research and development, manufacturing and marketing.

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