Jesus is a freak – Nonfiction about the true meaning of a name

“Jesus is a freak” by Baphomet Giger
Baphomet Giger uses numerology to make the claim that “Jesus is a freak”.

Numerology has been used to find explanations for many things, and people love it just as much as astrology. Baphomet Giger found another use for numerology: he applied it to various names and passages from the Bible to make a point any Christians will not find comfortable. The author examines names like Jesus, Elohim, and Lucifer and takes them apart with the help of numerology. What he finds is unsettling and fascinating.

People who question the angelic image that is often given to Jesus will find the information “Jesus is a freak” by Baphomet Giger satisfying. Readers with an open and questioning mind will be able to use the information contained in this book in an intelligent manner. The numerological facts are presented in a way that makes them easy to follow and double-check (just in case readers doubt the author’s mathematical skills).

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