Future Millionaires – Realistic fiction about drugs and the streets

“Future Millionaires” by Earvin Ealy
Earvin Ealy’s “Future Millionaires” is a novel that will have you reach for your seat belt and wonder about the characters’ fates.

Earv is a black teenage boy who hates doing dishes, finds getting up early retarded and would like to spend more time doing things he enjoys: like drinking special brews, smoking weed, and hanging out with his friends. Of course, many of his interests would require him to have a certain amount of money – and without work, money isn’t that easy to get. Earv and his friends, however, aren’t very interested in work and make their money by selling weed.

Then they decide that robbing banks will bring in more money in a quicker way. But did they think about all the risks?
The readers of “Future Millionaires” by Earvin Ealy will wonder whether Earv will turn into just another statistic or beat the odds. Will he be another black kid that got into trouble because he got involved with the wrong people? Will he end up without money, on the streets, maybe even dead? Or will he manage to turn his life around and become a man he could be proud about? The book is written in a realistic style which makes it easy to get a feel for the life Earv is living.

“Future Millionaires” by Earvin Ealy is now available from tredition or can alternatively be ordered by using ISBN 978-3-7323-9308-4. The main aim of the tredition publishing house is to provide young and unknown authors with the chance to publish their own books, and to offer cooperations to publishers and book sellers. Tredition publishes books across all media types, distribute them in the book industry, and also actively market books since October 2012.

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