The Gnostic Bible – The stories that were left out of the Bible

“The Gnostic Bible” by Baphomet Giger
Baphomet Giger shares the secret words of untold Biblical stories in “The Gnostic Bible”.

The Bible is one of the best known books in the world – but only few people know that some stories were not included in it. These are the gnostic scriptures. They include books written by archangel Elelath, by Norea daughter of Eve, and by Adam himself, Eve’s husband. The secret word taught to John by God himself was also not include in the Bible as people know it. The blasphemy of Philip and his doctrine were not put into the Bible – and there are many others that did not find their way into the heavily edited Bible of today. Baphomet Giger collected these untold stories and makes them easily accessible for curious readers.

Some things that are included in “The Gnostic Bible” by Baphomet Giger were seen as to powerful for the masses to comprehend (and hence left out of the Bible).  Of course, the content was in some cases also seen as dangerous as it might have been used to question the religious leaders who wanted to hold on to their power over the people. Readers can now make up their own mind about these unpublished stories which help to put some of the Bible’s other content into a new perspective.

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