Liam Zed The Designer’s Off The Wall Work Is Reshaping The Boundaries Of Graphic Design

TORONTO, CA  – Liam Zalitach aka Liam Zed The Designer boast an illustrious career, marked by achievements that can only be described as the hallmark of a true industry maven. Despite his young years, Liam Zed The Designer already counts collaborations with business giants like Sony, lending his creative powers to fuel the creation of cohesive, highly engaging brand images and marketing campaigns, whose originality and innovation are the definitive traits which set them apart from the work produced by his peers.

Photo Credit: Paul Dygon

His powerful presence in the Toronto graphic design and marketing scene has earned him a strong, ever-growing, dedicated following, who flock to his Instagram page to keep up with his recent work, and get inspired by his unique aesthetic, artistic outlook, and daring fashion choices, which often include pieces from his very own fashion line.

“I often think of the phrase Everything is copy, the mantra the multi-talented Nora Ephron shared with every creative she came across. She didn’t meant plagiarizing anyone’s work in any way – that would be against anything she stood for and everything art is all about – but rather, that every single thing has a story to tell” said Zed.

He continued, “That is what graphic design is for me – the means to create a narrative, which, unlike the work of writers, is filled to the brim with color, shapes, and the visual representation of the feelings that each story stirs up in me. I always try to come up against the edge of my abilities, and move, inch by inch, farther from my comfort zone – and that has definitely paid off, in terms of my work’s acceptance and recognition.”

Photo Credit: Paul Dygon

His latest venture, Zalitach Consulting, is just another step in Zed’s trailblazing career path. In collaboration with his expert staff, Zed devotes his time and efforts into helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and fellow freelance graphic designers boost their profits, manage their finances, and establish their names in their respective fields.

Photo Credit: Courtney Cunningham

As for what the future has in store for Zed, only time will tell – however, not one to leave things to chance, Zed has hinted at many more exciting projects to come, which will soon be announced in further communications with the press.

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