Industry Leader – MobiGleam – Launches On-Demand Car Detailing in Portland Area

Portland, Oregon – As technology has become a greater part of everyday life, individuals have also become busier day-to-day. Phones keep people connected to everything. Whether that is work, school, social events, or family individuals are always on the go, making necessary somewhat tedious tasks take a back seat in the day. For instance, getting the car washed and cleaned, a job that seems more like a chore if anything else. Luckily, MobiGleam is making the jump to connect mobile-friendliness and convenience for the sake of all dirty cars.

MobiGleam is anon-demand, mobile car detailing service in Portland, Oregon. The whole notion of the company is that the team understands that people are living hectic and fast lives, that’s why they make it simple to book an appointment online, andcome to clients instead of the other way around. This is perfect for all the workaholics, homebodies, or line-haters.

MobiGleam offers multiple car washing packages. Whether a potential client is in need of interior or exterior services, the team at MobiGleam is here for all car cleaning and detailing requirements. MobiGleam is shooting to set itself apart from the competition as the mobile car detailing service in Portland.

Not to mention, MobiGleam offers a virtually waterless, eco-friendly car wash to its customers. Each wash from MobiGleam uses less than three gallons of water, leaving the waterfootprint of the cleaning practically to a nil. The technicians at the company also use plant-based polymers that are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic, causing no harm to the environment or the atmosphere. Additionally, because the customer doesn’t have to drive to a get their car serviced, that’s one less car causing pollution to the Earth.

The company as well offers multiple upgrade services including pet hair removal, shampooing of seats, stain removal, trunk detailing, cleaning of carpet floor mats, as well as many others. Each customer has the opportunity to put together a package that is suitable for him or her.

Ultimately, if a potential customer is looking for a stress-free, on-demand service MobiGleam is the auto detailing in Portland, Oregon. The team at the company values efficiency and quality while striving to give every client a premium service. Whether a prospective client is in Portland or the greater Portland area such as Beaverton, Lake Oswego, or other neighboring cities they won’t need to take the time out of their day to get a top-notchauto detail.. All they need is to book an appointment online, and MobiGleam will be there to service them.

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Company Name: MobiGleam
Contact Person: Philip Bernstein
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City: Portland
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Country: United States