Paddle Boarding Enthusiast Creates In-Depth Website about the Popular Sport

Grand Rapids, MI – Among the many sports which have rapidly gained popularity over the past few years, paddle boarding is arguably at the top. In fact, recent consumer reports show a large increase in the purchase of paddleboards and accessories. In turn, this has created a large expansion of paddleboard based businesses across the United States. With this rapid expansion in the industry has come a large gap in consumer education. People attempting to purchase their first paddle board are more confused than ever before, prompting one company to lead the way in high-quality reviews and comparisons.

Simply Paddleboards is a review site created by outdoor enthusiast Matt McKnight that has been leading the way in consumer education regarding the popular sport. The site offers consumers a wide range of selection for the best paddleboards, differing in brands, cost, and type. In addition, they offer tailored reviews for consumers from all walks of life.By targeting consumers of all ages and expertise, the site hopes to make paddle boarding an unforgettable experience for a majority of Americans.

While review sites typically get a bad rep for a number of reasons, there is a surprisingly low number of paddle board based review sites available on the web. Given paddle boarding’s recent rise in popularity, there have been little opportunities for other companies to begin publishing reviews on the many new brands and products which have entered the market. This is where Simply Paddleboards steps in. By being one of the very few paddle board review sites on the web, the company essentially has free reign to research and produce reviews regarding the best paddle boards according to a wide range of criteria. Whether customers are looking for the best board on the market, or the cheapest, Simply Paddleboards is guaranteed to have a trustworthy review for a variety of needs.

Consumers looking to purchase a new paddle board are highly encouraged to visit Simply Paddleboards first. Whether someone is looking to purchase simple paddleboards, or add another one to their expansive collection, Simply Paddleboards is guaranteed to have a high-quality review which will greatly improve their buying experience. By making paddle board purchases an easy and informed experience, Simply Paddleboards has solidified its commitment to making the sport one of the most popular in the country.

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