Using The Power Of EMV, Freedom Card Solutions Helps Merchants Streamline Their Operations and Increase Client Satisfaction
Top payment processing company, Freedom Card Solutions has over the years created a brand for themselves as a company dedicated to meeting their client’s need and surpassing it. Freedom Card Solutions has helped hundreds of merchants by providing secure and reliable payment processing services.

Freedom Card Solutions is one of the American players in the payment processing industry who clearly understands the importance of EMV and how it can make all merchants happy and secured. EMV provides reduced card payment card fraud and enhanced global payments interoperability. When combined with other layers of security like encryption and tokenization, it comes as a great benefit to everyone in the payments value chain.

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As a company committed to continuous innovation, Freedom Card Solutions entered into the sphere of EMV implementation while others were holding back. Combining Chip and Pin technology, EMV has the potential to be the answer to the longtime question of payment security. This combination would seem to serve the greatest need and provide the most security value. In addition, stakeholders must plan for ways to educate consumers to minimize their confusion and problems with adopting the new payment procedures

“We are glad to be a part of our the success story recorded by our clients. Sales and other points in a  business makes no sense when payment becomes compromised and inefficient. This can create a great panic, both for the service provider and the client. For the client, it may lead to lack of trust and loss of hard earned money when the card becomes compromised due to fraud. For the service provider, it’s a sad story of a lost business opportunity and bad brand image,” says a Freedom Card Solutions representative.

About Freedom Card Solutions

Freedom Card Solutions is proud to offer world-class merchant services, including EMV credit card processing, debit programs, gift cards, and more for companies of all sizes.

Freedom Card Solutions welcomes all merchant services transactions, including major merchant industries such as hotels, restaurants, small business, and e-commerce credit card processing. We are committed to serving all business, large and small. Freedom Card Solutions offers you the support and security you can rely on. Let us be your one-stop merchant solution. We are committed to being the payment processing company that optimizes your ability to seamlessly process credit card transactions along with providing you made-to-order intelligence that gives you the competitive edge that makes a real difference in your bottom line.

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