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The ubiquity of the mobile device in everyday life has created a new type of consumer – someone who is able to comparison shop at a moment’s notice, wherever they are. Consumers now have the ability to call up product details instantaneously on a mobile screen to figure out if they’re getting a good price on an item.

Until recently, however, there was one thing that most consumers couldn’t do with their mobile devices – and that’s have a quick and easy way to sort through deals and offers around them, especially when many of those bargains may not be posted online. For most consumers, those offers are invisible. That’s the problem that an Israeli-based startup,, is trying to solve with the first social comparison shopping app.

It’s not so much a price discovery app (of which there are many) – it’s really a deal discovery app. For example, say you’re walking down a busy New York City street. You might see deals posted in the window of various shops, or you might see special bargains and discounts on overhead billboards or plastered on the side of city buses. But you won’t see the special “member rates” or promotional deals that may only be available for a limited period of time to a limited number of people. In short, you might think you’re getting a great deal on that new kitchen appliance you just purchased, but chances are, there’s a better offer available that simply wasn’t visible.

In many ways, has mastered the art of making the invisible “visible.” That’s especially true when it comes to business and professional services, such as spas, hair salons and tanning salons. These businesses have prices that are much more variable than those on physical products. You might only get a 20-30% discount on a physical product, no matter how informed you are, but you might be able to get 80-90% discounts on professional services.


And, even better, you might be able to get those services for free or for only a nominal fee ($1) during certain periods of time. That’s because those businesses are particularly eager to pull in new walk-in business without alienating their existing customers (who might be paying full price). In any metropolitan area, it’s theoretically possible to get many of the most popular professional services for free – or close to it – simply by going to the right neighborhoods at the right time.

It’s easy to see at a glance why has so much appeal for consumers. Imagine being able to save hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars each month simply by knowing which bargains are available, and literally pull them out of thin air. The founder of had a metaphor to explain this phenomenon, likening the ability of consumers to flit here and there, picking up the best deals possible, to the behavior of a butterfly. To an untrained eye, the path of the butterfly may appear random, but it is actually the path of optimal behavior.


Clearly, there is an important trend happening in the tech space right now. The confluence of several big trends – mobile, big data and predictive analytics – has made it possible to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. For consumers, that needle in a haystack is the unbelievable deal or offer that your friends simply won’t believe actually exists.

And, for small businesses, also offers a number of attractive advantages. Chief among them is the ability to convert “passive shoppers” – people who might be interested in stopping by if only they knew a deal was available – into active shoppers. When business owners sign up for, they have a powerful promotion tool to build their business and generate word-of-mouth buzz.

Going forward, plans to expand its geographic reach even further. The app already covers over 1 million different services in nearly 3,500 different localities worldwide. By expanding on a truly global basis, will be able to offer consumers a huge variety of discounts and deals, updated daily, in nearly every major geographic location. That will not only save consumers time – it will also save them money.

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