New Fashion Made From Recycled Materials Gains Worldwide Exposure

industrierelikt has caused excitement in the fashion world by producing quality fashion products from recycled materials. The company is helping the USA’s rubbish problems by using material that would have been thrown away and turning it into fashionable products.

The fashion world changes all the time from Victoria Beckham designing clothes for oversized people to anti-age fashion designs, but one company that has created excitement for fashion lovers and fashion writers around the USA and the world is industrierelikt. The company has launched a range of fashion products made from industrial offcuts: textiles designated for barber chairs and veneers normally used for the interior of cars and yachts.

The fashion products currently available include the Hydrogen – Bag with wooden handles and bottom, which not only looks great but is also eco friendly, a major advantage in a world where tens of millions of people are looking to protect the planet. The Hydrogen comes in different colors and has been designed for both men and women, providing a stylish yet practical unisex bag that will turn heads. The timeless design of the Hydrogen is another great reason why it stands out and why industrierelikt is receiving orders from not only the USA, but also from the UK, Australia, and Spain.

To celebrate the success of the new exciting fashion product industrierelikt has made the Hydrogen – Bag available on a crowdfunding platform for a lot less than it will be available for in retail outlets. To grab a chance at getting the Hydrogen while it’s still available at the special price consumers are being asked to visit

The Hydrogen – Bag is not the only product available from the Kickstarter platform. Other stylish fashion items made from recycled material are also available to purchase at a special price including Jewellery, Cufflinks and earings. There is also a bag made from recycled cotton.

To learn more about industrierelikt and see the whole range of exciting fashion items that fashion lovers are talking about, please visit

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About industrierelikt

The idea to sew bags out of automotive textiles is much older than industrierelikt. While in school, Karen used to visit waste yards and remove seat cushions from scrap cars for her bags. These she sold to friends and various shops. However, due to stricter safety regulations, Karen was then no more allowed on scrap yards. Instead, the materials are disposed together with the cars. In line with her bachelor thesis Karen got engaged with the ´resource industrial waste´: Unused materials being sorted out for disposal during the production process.

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